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Versa Spa Self Tanning With Voice Guided Prompts

Natural-looking tan in less than two hours

1. Preparing for a Natural-Looking Spray Tan —
Add Perfector! Perfector is an add-on service that is applied during your in-salon spray tan session. Perfector balances your skin’s pH level and conditions the skin to counter orange undertone, accelerate development time and intensifies the tanning results of your professional spray tan.

2. Choose Your Spray Tan
Intensity from a subtle tan to looking like you just came back from an island vacation ( Levels 1, 2, and 3 ).

3. Lock-In Your Spray Tan — Add Moisturizer!
Moisturizer is an add-on option that is applied at the end of the spray tan session for immediate hydration that will enhance your tan. Moisturizing is key to having a long lasting, natural-looking tan that will not fade too quickly.

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